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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What makes JKP Events different from everyone else who does Green Screen and on-site printing?

    While I cannot comment on every company doing what I do I can point out a couple of things that set me apart from much of the competition as I know it:

    JKP Events is run by a professional photographer, not a DJ or event producer turned photographer. Quality and design are paramount to our business philosophy.

    JKP Events is run out of my home office with a low overhead- I pass the savings on to my clients.

    Your people are everything and everyone that represents JKP Events is trained and professional in appearance and attitude. Just as important my photographers are interactive and fun, we want our guests to have a great time, and we have a great time doing what we do.

    • JKP Events is owned and managed by Josh Kline, I care very deeply for my clients and will serve them all directly.

    What is a custom background, what about a custom border?

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    A custom background is a background for the green screen concept set-up tailored to your needs. A border is a graphical border that may contain text and/or logos.

    How many prints will I receive?

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    We do not put a limit to the number of prints you can receive and only bill based on the time allotted. Usually, you can expect to print a maximum of 75 5×7″ prints per hour per set-up or 90 4×6″ prints. We may stop shooting photos early if we get ahead of the printing process please note that you are paying for the time it takes to complete the printing process. We do our best to time the shooting so that we can shoot the entire time booked.

    What are the folder frames?

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    Folder frames are durable cardboard folders that hold your photos. They are attractive and made from all recycled papers, they can sit upright on a flat surface and be custom foil stamped for an extra fee. We can also acquire full color custom photo frames at additional cost.

    What about the web gallery?

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    Every event I do comes with a free web gallery, at the gallery guests can view and share photos, they can also purchase re-prints and novelties like shirts and buttons. For an extra charge I can set up a custom web gallery with your branding and messages.

    Do you carry insurance, are you licensed?

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    JKP Events is insured and is a licensed Limited Liability Corporation in the state of Texas. JKP Events is a division of JKP Image Fusion LLC which has been in business since 2003.